1. Ask Your Friends

Especially if you have anyone who is a style buff, a model or an actor for example. Anyone who knows about the importance of appearance for the career is going to have the kind of knowledge that will help you come to a good decision. However you should consider that what works for your family and friends might not be the best solution for you.You can also check review sites such as Yell, Truelocal or Eatability.

2. Ask For A Consultation

A consultation will give you an idea of the kind of hair cutters and hair stylists you might expect. If you see a lot of crazy angular cuts, tubes of super glue and hedge-trimmers and you are looking for that silky newsreader straight hair then you are in the wrong place.

Talk to the stylists about what you want and listen to their ideas. They do this everyday. Any quality salon will know how to respect your desires but not be afraid to offer you solutions that you may not have considered. Check out their portfolio's and press cuttings.

3. The Hair Salon Environment

Is there a sense of luxury? Would you feel relaxed spending an hour or two being pampered in the hair salon? The environment should be comfortable and inviting. The staff should have a positive attitude and look like they are happy to be working there. If they aren't then you almost certainly won't be.

4. Check Out The Hygiene

Do they use clean clean combs and brushes and sanitary neck strips? Are their work stations neat and clean?

5. Location

It makes sense to choose a salon that is at least fairly conveniently for you. Too far from work or home and you will end up not going as often as you might like.

We hope these tips from L'Etoile Australia Sydney Hair Salon will help you to find the perfect hair salon for you.

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